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Rev Dr Stephen Sizer Accused of Antisemitism

Posted by admin on May 17, 2012

English clergyman Rev Dr Stephen Sizer recently visited NZ. He made public appearances in cooperation with Tear Fund and Laidlaw College, both of which are perceived to be evangelical Christian organisations.

A number commentators have openly accused Stephen Sizer of antisemitism. His fellow Anglican clergyman, Rev Nick Howard, son of former Conservative leader Michael Howard, had this to say about Sizer:

“[Sizer’s action] demonstrate a mixture of explicit anti-Semitism; implicit anti-Semitism; and complicity with anti-Semites.”

Read Rev Howard’s well documented statement here.

Dr Sizer is shown here with terrorist mass murderer, the late Yasser Arafat.

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  1. Rob Nelson April 30, 2012

    Without a doubt Dr Stephen Sizer is blatantly anti-semitic and proud of it. He is a classic model of an apostate clergyman and also without doubt will not be the last of his kind we will see. I see a separation coming into focus of those who are bible believing true Christians who indeed know and follow Jesus and accept Paul’s clear statements in Romans 9,10,11. Despite the damage Sizer and his kind will do, the promises of scripture will make a nonsense of all he stands for. Let Sizer be a warning to us all. Being a Doctor of whatever???? is no guarantee of competence to understand the word of God. Blessed are the humble for they shall know the truth. Look up people, Jesus is coming soon for His bride, no prizes for who will be left behind. Blessings to all true believers who pray for the restoration of Israel and the revelation to them of who their Messiah truly is.

  2. David May 4, 2012

    A statement issued by the Council of Christians and Jews about Sizer:

  3. Barry May 6, 2012

    Wow Laidlaw is spitting on the NZ Jewish community while claiming to want “a world of love” (their motto). Shows you what hypocrites they are – unfortunately this is the true face of Christianity in crisis – blame the Jews, slander them, all under the guise of “love”.

  4. David May 9, 2012

    BEWARE this man Sizer is TOXIC

  5. David May 9, 2012

    Hi David, my name is David. It’s customary when commenting on a blog not to choose a name in use as this can lead to unlimited confusion. Therefore if it is possible could I ask you to choose a variation that you are happy with. Also as you may be aware I’ve been having a conversation with Frank Ritchie ( ) who is the Education and Advocacy Manager for TEAR Fund New Zealand. In this conversation Frank said,

    “That website is engaged more in slander, character assassination and defamation with angry vitriol against specific organisations and people than reasoned discussion about the issues. Judging by some of the comments being left it seems to be inciting anger… which creates some interesting legal implications.”

    I responed by mentioning the comment about “legal implications” was “a joke” and questioned Frank as to which comments he was refering to. Frank decided to delete my comment and never explained what comments he thought seemed “to be inciting anger”.

    While I’m not suggesting that your comment “BEWARE this man Sizer is TOXIC” is “inciting anger” you’ll now hopefully understand why it is I would prefer you chose a different name.

    The owner of this blog possibly has access to ip addresses, or at the very least, is able to identify different users (sharing the same name), which can help if such a problem is reccuring.


  6. David May 16, 2012

    Here is a link to a review of Stephen Sizers ‘debate’… By the sound of things it was a waste of everyones time.

  7. David May 17, 2012

    Here is a ‘reflection’ on Stephen Sizers perspective by Mark Keown. There is also a discussion in the comments section.

    The response from TEARfund (relating to the accusations of anti semitism, more or less) on Frank Ritchie’s blog has gone. The only place it is now found as far as I’m aware is on Stephen Sizers website. There was a chap on Frank’s blog called Austin who posted this comment and questions (which I copied and pasted to later refer to. It was after this that Frank said he was having trouble with his device and would reply shortly… but shortly after, it had gone) :

    Hi Frank,
    I’m not sure it is as easy as it seems, I have tried to put my own thoughts into some kind of order, and would value your comments on them.
    TEAR NZ have a great reputation for
    helping those in greatest need, AIDs orphans in Africa etc. Sunday School children
    across the land give of their pocket money every week to help such children get
    basic food and an education. Such money carries with it an enormous burden of
    trust, as these children trust that TEAR will use their gifts wisely.

    It will be a tragedy then when such
    children realise that TEAR have found more worthy recipients of the money that they,
    in good faith, gave to it. Apparently, an all expenses paid trip to Stephen
    Sizer, air fares to and from England presumably included, is a higher priority
    than meals for the starving in the Sahel. Stephen comes to propagate his view
    of theology and why Christians in New Zealand should not support the state of
    Israel. He is doing this in tandem with showings of the film “With God on our
    Side”, which the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, the Los
    Angeles Board of Rabbis and the LA Jewish Federation have described as “this
    anti-Israel film”.[i]
    How this relates to TEAR fund’s work as a charity for the poor is hard
    to figure. But apparently paying for Stephen’s trip is a higher priority than
    helping AIDs orphans in Uganda, because money collected for TEAR NZ was spent
    on it, rather than on helping those orphans.

    At least they haven’t got involved
    in charity work in the Palestinian territories. I say this with no malice. I
    assume there are worthwhile charities in these territories, just as there are
    worthwhile charities within New Zealand, but TEAR work with the poorest of the
    poor. According to the World Factbook, there are 53 nations which are poorer (based
    on GDP per capita) than the Palestinian territories. They are, for example 41
    nations better off than Afghanistan, where TEAR is rightfully working. Likewise,
    their literacy rate is 92.4%, 81 nations better than Afghanistan where it is
    28.1%. Infant mortality and life expectancy figures show a similar pattern. Christian
    Palestinians would seem to agree with me. Writing to the United Methodists in
    America, Zahi Khouri, a Palestinian Christian and CEO of Coca-Cola Palestine said;
    “It may shock you, but whenever there is a viable project identified in
    Palestine, we can raise the funds,” and he repeated; “We don’t need your
    financial help, your charity.”[ii]

    TEAR NZ are however involved in the
    Palestinian territories, where, rather than supporting Afghani literacy
    programs, poverty alleviation or basic health care, they support (sent $63,000[iii]
    last year to) something called The Holy Land Trust. According to the HLT web
    site they aim to be “a global model and pillar of understanding, respect,
    justice, equality and peaceful coexistence.” TEAR NZ worker Frank
    Ritchie indeed describes them as working for peace and reconciliation, and
    trying to bring both sides together. He sees the Palestinian Christians as heroes,
    and hopes that Israelis looking over the wall will see the Palestinian church
    as catalysts for peace. Sound good until you get into the actual details.

    Its executive director, Sami Awad has reportedly stated that non-violent demonstrations are “not a substitute for the armed
    struggle.”[iv] Furthermore, the HTL has signed off on
    calls for the international community to totally boycott Israeli goods
    (something Stephen Sizer would apparently oppose), and also to boycott all
    Israeli academics, and supports the so called ‘right of return’, which means
    they will never accept the continuation of Israel as it presently exists.[v] Refusing to talk with Israeli academics, asking
    everyone to boycott Israel and seeking its destruction… this will bring both
    sides together?? The Israelis will feel the love and see this as a catalyst for
    peace?? Their Leadership
    Development Programme actually states; “Since the death of Yasser Arafat, there
    has been a tangible absence of visionary leadership in Palestine”[vi]
    Are they seriously suggesting Yassir as a role model of visionary leadership, the
    type they want to copy?

    After reading that TEAR NZ was giving them money, I looked up
    the HTL web site (on 13/5/2012). Here I found one of their main
    emphases was on broadcasting news about Palestine through their own news
    service, the PNN. Its goal was “producing
    unbiased and professional journalism that would be set apart from much of the
    one-sided, often sensational coverage that dominated news both about and from
    the Holy Land.” Again, a worthwhile idea. So I went to its web page, and
    read the following article which they had chosen to feature, as they apparently
    believe it deserves wider circulation (excepts below);

    We Must Not
    Betray Our Suspended Martyrs

    Published on Tuesday, 08 May 2012

    By Khaled Amayreh

    … our political and resistance
    prisoners in Israeli dungeons and concentration camps represents the last and
    ultimate form of Jihad or resistance against a nefarious, sadistic enemy that
    excels like nobody else in the arts of torture and oppression… Many of
    them fought or tried to fight an enemy that had learned from, emulated and
    surpassed its Nazi mentors, by trying to demonize and dehumanize our people,
    especially those great heroes, by calling them terrorists when the deformed,
    evil entity represents the essence of terror and all that is evil… the
    Nazis of our time, namely these Zionist beasts who have introduced into our
    region everything they had learned from their Nazi mentors-from mass starvation
    to genocidal killings… Besides, we who have been living under the
    Nazi-like Israeli occupation know too well the extent to which the Zionist
    entity can be callous and diabolical. ..[vii]

    This is what it means to be “a global model and pillar of understanding, respect, justice,
    equality and peaceful coexistence.”? Israelis are “Zionist beasts”, worse than the
    Nazis, the essence of all that is evil, and are engaging in genocide? Promoting
    this will make the Israelis looking over the wall see the
    Palestinian church as catalysts for peace??

    Supporting this filth is however a higher priority
    for TEAR NZ than the starving in the Sahel, because again, money which could
    have gone to the Sahel has been given rather to it.

    TEAR NZ has betrayed the sacrificial giving of the
    Christians of New Zealand. It was TEAR NZ who
    decided to allocate some of their limited resources to funding a trip for
    Stephen and supporting the HTL rather than in aiding the poor.





    The document states; “We, representatives of
    Palestinian civil society, call upon international civil society organizations
    and people of conscience all over the world to impose broad boycotts and
    implement divestment initiatives against Israel similar to those applied to
    South Africa in the apartheid era. We appeal to you to pressure your respective
    states to impose embargoes and sanctions against Israel.” Its resolution number
    3 reads;

    3. Respecting, protecting and
    promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and
    properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.

    HTL are listed as signatories, under “Organisations”
    at number 49.

    HTL also signed the “Open letter from Palestinian Civil Society in Support of AUT
    Academic Boycott”, which calls for “re-asserting
    the call for a comprehensive academic boycott of Apartheid Israel.” HTL is listed as the second last signatory.



  8. admin July 30, 2012


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