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Daring To Call It What It Is

Posted by admin on November 14, 2012

Times of Israel recently reported on an ecumenical conference held in Jerusalem.

Conference speaker UK scholar Dr. Paul Wilkinson is considered by many to be a world authority on the phenomenon of “Christian” anti-Zionism. Wilkinson spoke with refreshing candour and clarity. Addressing replacement theology and Christian Palestinianism he had this to say:

the problem isn’t political, the problem isn’t sociological, the problem isn’t about lack of education or lack of dialogue. The problem is a spiritual one. The problem is that there is an adversary of God, of Israel, of Christians.

Fellow attendee Rev. Andrew Love spoke with equal frankness:

The humanitarian concern [for Palestinians] is the veil that covers, or is the rationalization for ultimately what I believe to be anti-Semitic ideas and anti-Semitic policies.

On the matter of radical Islam, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin had this to say:

the Wahhabi Islam that has taken over the Middle East is not monotheism but mono-Satanism.

A generation ago such observations might have seemed so obvious that they need not be spoken. But in our present culture, fatally wounded as it is by political correctness and postmodernism, statements like those above are unfortunately rare and increasingly needful.

Read the Times of Israel article here.

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